I’m a software engineer with over 5 years professional experience and a strong educational backing in engineering practice and theory. I’m accustomed to acquiring skills and fulfilling roles as the job mandates, including:

My engineering specialties are front-end development (most notably with Unity and Xamarin) and real-time systems and graphics programming (primarily game engines). Although a majority of my programming experience lies with C# and C++, I continue to hone my skills with other languages, including Ruby, Rust, Javascript, Haskell, Elm, and F#, making them adaptable to many domains.


2006.08–2016.12 University of Utah

M.E.A.E. Game Engineering

B.S. Computer Engineering (Mathematics Minor)

B.S. Computer Science (Japanese Minor)


2018.02–Present TBA

In a partnership with an independent designer, I’m currently developing a mobile application for the tabletop gaming market, using a cutting edge combination of tools within Visual Studio: F# and Xamarin.Forms. More details this year.

2005.12–Present Tutoring

I provide one-on-one help to students of mathematics and computer science, up to and including calculus, linear algebra and statistics, as well as boolean logic, computer architecture, scientific computing, and high-level software design.

I make special effort to ensure that students are self-motivated, and to reveal the simplicity underlying these complex topics.

Most of this work has been done on a volunteer or informal contract basis.

2017.04–2017.09 Punk This Studios

Working under the direction of the company founder over a remote contract, I rewrote a prototype 2.5D game engine from SDL/C++98 into SDL2/C++11 while cooperatively working out design flaws and designing new features. We exchanged expertise regarding C++11 standards and practices, maintaining a high level of code quality through code reviews and static analysis tools.

Being a complete rewrite, my work touched every aspect of the engine:

Additionally, I incorporated and documented build scripts for a cross-platform build system, enabling a Linux build and bringing it into stricter C++ standards adherence.

2015.08–2016.05 Kokua Games

Maui was a 12-member professional game project at the EAE Master Game Studio, released on Steam in April 2016.

Following Hawaii native lead designer Sean Keanaaina’s direction, I contributed the implementation of Maui’s central mechanic, an innovative HUD system for modulating the player characters’s attributes in realtime. Named for the concept of Prayer, the Pule system was designed to reflect the geographic houses of the four primary gods of the Hawaiian pantheon, and made use of basic trigonometry, custom shaders and graphic design principles.

Aside from the central Pule system, I implemented the rest of the HUD using Unity 4.6’s UI framework, and integrated it with the in-game glossary, called the Halau (School). In addition, I:

2015.08–2016.05 The Gapp Lab

Partnering with research institutions and grant groups, I was the lead engineer in two projects, using the tools (primarily Unity) and methodology of game development to provide a creative perspective on real-world, large-scale health problems. Together, we prototyped software for use on the field in Mumbai to help administer screening tests for contagious illnesses, as well as an interactive informational app for educating potential patients about the purpose, safety, and methodology of prenatal screening tests.

Some of the challenges faced in these two projects included:

2014.12–2015.07 XacFAQ

Founded by industry veteran Jon Dean, XacFAQ used Unity to produce social games and apps. I was hired in 2014 on a contract with a third party to develop a mobile app tie-in to a popular Facebook-centered franchise.

We practiced iterative UX design, working directly with the partner company and lead designer to prototype, review, and finalize the user interface. My work involved:

2012.01–2014.04 J. Willard Marriott Library

Working in the library’s Apple IT Services group, which oversees hundreds of Mac workstations and servers across the University of Utah campus, I was assigned special software projects such as:

As a computer support technician, I also shared responsibly for software package updates and maintenance, and responding to technical support tickets.