As the sole proprietor, I leverage my 10+ years of software development experience from industrial, academic, medical, and entertainment fields to broaden the perspectives and approaches of any team.


2023.08–Now Indiana University IT Services

Performing full-stack ASP.NET Core web development with a team based in Indianapolis that manages 10+ applications for a variety of stakeholders throughout the IU system.

2021.10–2022.09 O’Neil & Associates

Performed full-stack .NET Core web/desktop development, data migration, and analysis for a CMS used to author mechanical documentation for Mitsubishi Logisnext.

2020.11–2021.08 Rainway

Maintained app frontends using C#, C++, Typescript, and Kotlin, refactored core functionality into a C++17 SDK built with CMake, and then refactored again into Rust built with Cargo.

2018.08–2020.11 University of Missouri Division of IT

Performed full-stack ASP.NET web development on a team managing 90+ web applications, using Oracle + EF6 + XAML + jQuery, then migrating to MS SQL + EF Core + Razor + Vue.js.

2005.12–2018.07 Private Tutoring

Provided one-on-one help to students of mathematics and computer science, up to and including calculus, linear algebra and statistics, as well as boolean logic, computer architecture, scientific computing, and high-level software design.

Made special effort to ensure that students are self-motivated, and to reveal the simplicity underlying these complex topics.

2017.04–2017.09 Punk This Studios

Rewrote and rearchitected a 2.5D strategy game engine from SDL/C++98 into SDL2/C++14.

2015.08–2016.05 Kokua Games

Maui was a 12-member professional game project at the EAE Master Game Studio, released on Steam in April 2016.

2015.08–2016.05 The Gapp Lab

Prototyped tablet apps for medical grants and entrepreneurs using the Unity Engine.

2014.12–2015.07 XacFAQ

Developed a mobile app with social features in the Unity Engine for a third party.

2012.01–2014.04 J. Willard Marriott Library

Worked in the library’s Apple IT Services group, which oversees hundreds of Mac workstations and servers across the University of Utah campus.


2014.08–2016.12 University of Utah

M.E.A.E. Game Engineering

2009.08–2013.12 University of Utah

B.S. Computer Engineering (Mathematics Minor)

2006.08–2012.05 University of Utah

B.S. Computer Science (Japanese Minor)